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Fallen Skaters™
Ian’s skateboarding death in 2005 was a total shock to his entire family and friends who asked, "How could this happen, he was only Skateboarding?". That sentiment is a common refrain among those families who have lost Skaters who died from a skateboarding accident. Brain injury is the leading cause of death from Skateboarders. Those Skaters who survive a serious brain injury from Skateboarding face a life time of rehabilitation issues.

The following is list of Skaters who have suffered Brain Injury incurred from an accident while Skateboarding. This listing was generated by regular key word GOOGLE searches starting in about 2007. This listing only includes those Skaters who incurred Brain Injury, typically no helmet worn. Fallen Skater Survivors are listed first and the Fallen Skater Fatalities are listed next.

This listing is not complete as we learn more about Fallen Skaters™ each week. Those news reports citing brain injury without disclosing whether a helmet was worn are included in this report and so cited. Names of skaters, age, location and the reported nature of the accident are included. Web link to the cited reports are NOT included as they tend to age out quickly, especially those reported by broadcast and WEB media.  Restricted GOOGLE searches on the Skaters names will typically bring up the cited reports still accessible on the WEB. For the record we maintain a notebook that has a screen shot of each original citation included in this listing.

A Word to the Families of Fallen Skaters™
Marcy and I have resisted posting this listing of Fallen Skaters™ (both Survivors and Fatalities) for fear of offending the families of the Skaters in some way. On the other hand, we have been encouraged by many Skater families to post this listing as an important reminder of how many Fallen Skaters™ there are that survive and actually die from Skateboarding. We intend to dispel the mistaken notion that serious brain injury and death from skateboarding is a “freak accident” or “rarely happens". By our records, one Skater dies each week of Traumatic Brain injury from a Skateboarding accident, no helmet worn. This list of Fallen Skaters is not complete. We update this list quartertly. If you know of a Fallen Skater that should be on this list please contact us with relevant information.

PDF list of Fallen Skaters™

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