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Ian Tilmann Foundation


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from Skateboarding happens more often than most Skaters realize or want to admit. In 2009, the CPSC reports 23,114 Skaters were treated in hospital emergency rooms for TBI, an average of 3 Skaters per hour 24/7.

The Ian Tilmann Foundation, Inc.™ documents Fallen Skaters™ who die from Skateboarding TBI, no helmet worn. Our records indicate at least 1 Skater per week dies from Skateboarding TBI. Our Fallen Skater™ book has over 180 Skater fatalities due to TBI, no helmet worn.

The Helmet for a Promise™ program was launched in 2005 in memory of Ian Tilmann who died from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in a Skateboarding accident because he was not wearing a helmet.

Helmet for a Promise™ is simple and direct. A Skater who needs a helmet and can not afford one can join Helmet Nation, promise to wear a helmet whenever they Skate and receive a custom ordered helmet for FREE. Helmet for a Promise™ is #1 on a Google search "free helmets" and has placed over 3,500 helmets nationwide as of 2010.

The Helmet for a Promise™ program works. Testimony and helmet replacements confirm 3 lives saved, 30+ hospitalizations avoided and countless minor concussions prevented from the 3,500 helmets placed. There is only one proven cure for Traumatic Brain Injury….it is called Prevention!

The Helmet Nation™ movement was launched in 2011. Those Skaters who always ride with a Helmet can pledge the Promise and join our movement as supporters and volunteers to bring Helmet for a Promise™ to their Skate community.

The Ian Tilmann Foundation, Inc.™ has sponsored 50+ Skate events and contests for amateur and sponsored Skaters since 2005. Old School Skater volunteers are co-sponsoring local Skate events and helping to build Helmet Nation™ in Skate World…one Brain at a time.

The Helmet for a Promise™ program relies on private and corporate donations to operate. contribute your support to this great program.

2011 Sponsors of the Helmet for a Promise™ program include: 


From: Quang Truong
Sent: Sunday, June 13, 2010 3:33 AM
To: iantilmannfoundation@tampabay.rr.com
Subject: Thank You, You've Saved My Life Tonight

Hello to all who run the Ian Tilmann Foundation,

I have been longboarding for just about a year now, but haven't been riding with a helmet up until a few months ago. I received a helmet through your foundation early this year and have been using it in spite of my skepticism. I, like many skaters, have the "it won't happen to me" mentality, but I tried my best to wear it every time I go skate.

Tonight I went to a popular skate spot here in Houston, TX and was traveling downhill pretty fast~ if I had to guess it was probably 30 mph. A car pulled up the one-way road so I panicked; instead of doing a shut-down slide, I veered off of the road and hit a chain barrier connected to some poles. That chain caught my chest and basically clotheslined me. My brother was trailing behind me, and from what he told me, my head whip lashed right into the cement curb really hard.

I checked the Bern helmet that I got from your foundation and there were some fracture marks right where the back of my head would have been. Thank God for the helmet, or I would literally be dead. I ended up with some scrapes on my forearms and shoulders, deep bruising on my shoulder and chest, and maybe a minor fracture on my right forearm, a slight neck pain and a little headache. All in all, I came out in one piece.

I am sorry that it took Ian's life for more skaters to be proactive in wearing helmets, but I also thank you because his life saved mine tonight.

Thank You,
Quang Truong


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