Ian Tilmann Foundation

Ian Tilmann Foundation

Thank you for your interest in assisting in saving lives in your community and around the world. Please fill out the following form completely if you are requesting information about Helmet Nation™  Volunteering.  You should get your friends family and others to donate to reduce this time and help us save as many lives as possible. Keep in mind most donations are tax deductible.

Volunteer - We seek Volunteers to introduce and sustain a “Helmet for a Promise” program their community. Old School Skaters across the Nation are also stepping up to help us grow. We welcome help from Skate Parks (public and private); Skate Shops; Campus Longboard Clubs, Skate Ministries, and Skate Crews willing to volunteer time, prizes and money for the cause. Program Sponsors who join our Skate events include MONSTER, Sector 9, S-ONE, Bern, VANS, and many others. Let us know if you want to serve as a Volunteer for Helmet Nation™.

Make a Donation –We appreciate any Donation from members of Helmet Nation. Your donations goes to pay for Helmets and program costs. At this time we are entirely a Volunteer organization with no paid Staff.

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We thank our Helmet Suppliers for their generous support and reasonable pricing and terms that make this program possible.